Our Mission

MSCR will enhance the quality of life for individuals in the Madison Metropolitan School District and for the community by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all.

MSCR Key Strategies 2017-2020
1. Programs and Services Meet Needs of Our Diverse Community
  • Deliver high quality programs meeting needs of diverse community members, supporting healthy, active families, youth and adults.
  • Develop and implement more accessible and diverse models of program delivery to better meet community needs, utilizing existing resources.
  • Utilize best practice, evidence based and nationally recognized program models/curricula.
  • Develop and utilize a consistent, department wide process to obtain feedback from community members.
MSCR Recognized as Key to Quality of Life in Madison
  • Assess information dissemination methods to ensure efficient, broad and intentional distribution.
  • Adapt use of technology to maximize distribution of information.
  • Utilize internal communication networks within MMSD.
  • Intentional cross-over marketing and MSCR inter-team collaboration.
3. Relationships with Community and MMSD are Strong;  MSCR Continues to be a Leader in the Community
  • Develop & maintain mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Improve MMSD/MSCR connections & communication.
4. Sustainability and Capacity are Aligned to MSCR Priorities
  • Plan for changes in funding sources and priorities
  • Analyze work streams & processes for efficiency.
  • Identify and manage capacity of staff, organization and facilities.
5. MSCR Staff and Volunteers are Culturally Competent, Skilled and Reflect Madison’s Diversity
  • MSCR is competitive in the job market.
  • Maintain a positive & supportive work climate.
  • Recruitment efforts targeted to increase diversity.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for full time and seasonal staff.
  • Utilize best practices to recruit and retain staff & volunteers.