Adult Softball Leagues Changes 2017 Information

Adult Softball Leagues Changes 2017 Information

Changes for softball were made for the following reasons:

The main reason for all changes is a result of diminished staff capacity due to one less full-time employee on the sports team.

  1. Shorter Season
    1. Last year over 130 league rainouts were rescheduled for summer softball.  The last game was completed on 8/26.  Not every team/league went that late, but we continued scheduling and rescheduling games due to rain.
    2. In August many sports converge.  Summer softball & kickball ends, fall softball and fall volleyball begins, fall basketball registration and training of volleyball officials happen concurrently.  Each sport requires registration, placement, and scheduling of teams and officials.  Additionally, non-league and youth sports start in August.
    3. By moving to 8 weeks, games should be completed by August.  This would allow us time for a tournament.
    4. In addition to an 8 week schedule, we intend to offer 2 weeks of practice times at no charge to teams.
    5. Single Round Robin
      1. Allows each team to compete against a team one time.  Many times over the last several years teams ended up playing each other several times if they tied in the first round, tied in round two then played a championship game.
      2. Eliminates round changes which are not feasible to do in a timely manner with a reduced work force.  In 2016, the majority of issues were created by moving teams and errors updating the website.
      3. Team Fee to Individual Fee
        1. We are still able to accept sponsor payments.
        2. Individual players with financial need can request fee assistance.
        3. No one has to “front” the money for a team.  You pay to play.  By doing this in other sports, we have greater success with the collection of individual fees.
        4. Cost is $5 per game per player.


Lastly, please recognize there are factors associated with softball that are out of our control:

  1. MSCR doesn’t own or maintain the fields/diamonds which we rent from City of Madison Parks.
  2. City Parks makes decisions about field conditions and playability.
  3. City Parks does not provide maintenance after 3pm.
  4. Some diamond lights are controlled remotely by software.


All of us at MSCR would like to thank you again for your dedication to the sport of softball and for your ongoing participation.  Even though we have a smaller sports staff, our goal is to provide players with a quality experience.