Volleyball Skills Instructor

Number of positions open: 1
Application deadline:  January 2, 2018

Salary:  $11.00 per hour
Job type:  Part-time

Functions:   Volleyball Skills Instructors will teach kids the basic skills needed to play volleyball.  The program will focus on teaching children the basic sports mechanics in a fun and non-threatening environment.  There will be two staff working each night, so you would be co-leading each class with another person.  Kids in the classes will be in one of two classes each night-grades 1-2 in class one, and then 3-5 in class two.

Estimated start date:  January 11, 2018
Estimated end date:  March 22, 2018

Hours of work: Thursdays, 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm. 
Total hours of work per week:  2 hours per week

Required knowledge, skills & abilities:  Experience working with youth.  General sports/activities background in areas including but not limited to Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Football. Must have reliable method of transportation to program site at MSCR Hoyt (3802 Regent Street, Madison).

Minimum qualifications:  Experience working with youth in the past, background in sports/athletics.

Desired qualifications:  Experience working with and/or coaching youth activities and sports.  

Other information:  For Additional information contact Casey Golliher at cgolliher@madison.k12.wi.us