Recreational Fitness/Dance Instructor for People with Disabilities

Number of Positions: 2
Application deadline: 12/26/17

Salary: $22/hr
Job type: Part time           

Functions: Plan, organize, and lead workouts/movement experiences for people with physical and other types of disabilities in fitness classes.

Estimated start date: 1/27/18
Estimated end date: 5/31/18

Dates/Hours of work: Varied hours, Monday afternoons, Saturday mornings
Total hours: 3-5 per week

Required knowledge, skills & abilities: Certification in  personal training, dance or fitness specialty area. Experience with people with disabilities preferred.

Minimum qualifications: Interest in working with people with disabilities.

Desired qualifications: Leadership experience with people with disabilities. First aid and CPR certification.

Other information: Hired applicants must attend staff trainings. For additional information please contact Chad Thom at