Partner with MSCR

How can MSCR help you spread your marketing message in Madison?

MSCR helps you reach:

• Participants who are active and engaged. They're community leaders and influence their networks of friends and family.
• People who are decision-makers in their families.
• A variety of demographic groups. We make it easy for you to target specific groups by sponsoring specific events and programs.


MSCR offers a wide variety of programs and events throughout the year that reach nearly 65,000 residents. Versatile options are available to meet the needs of your business.

Showcase your business and receive recognition! Your business name or logo will be listed in all publicity for the sponsored event, including press releases, newspaper ads, event brochures, MSCR Program Guides, event signage, social media and more!

Types of advertising

  • Event advertising/sponsorship

  • Goods or services exchange/bartering

  • Promotional giveaways at events

  • Direct advertising in MSCR Program Guide

Your MSCR Sponsorship:

• Allows you to connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of our loyal patrons
• Provides name recognition for your business
• Promotes goodwill toward your company
• Enhances your image by linking your name with community-minded, family-friendly events and activities
• Drives sales
• Enhances business, consumer and VIP relations
• Creates positive publicity and heightens visibility 
• May enable tax write-offs (consult your tax adviser for details)


MSCR believes that families and the community are essential partners in our work. We support and invite opportunities to create and cultivate community partnerships.

Are you interested in exploring ways to actively collaborate in mutually beneficial partnerships that meet common goals and accomplish together what one organization cannot do alone? Then, we welcome your help!

Please contact Sharon Neylon, MSCR Outreach Manager, to discuss options for partnering with MSCR.

Phone: 608.204.3036