Volleyball Leagues


Volleyball Leagues 

The Adult Volleyball Program takes place late August or early September through mid-November each year. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and not attending high school. Leagues play one night a week, Monday through Thursday, at Madison high schools.

Teams may apply to participate in the men's, women's and/or coed program. Individuals may play on multiple men's, women's and coed teams, but are limited to one team per night.

Teams are scheduled to play 10 matches in excellent facilities (mostly wood floor courts) and are provided with a game ball, officials (two in power play and one in intermediate play), and a facility supervisor to ensure enjoyment in a safe environment. Playoffs are held at the end of the season and each registered player of the league champion team receives a t-shirt in honor of their accomplishment.

Teams have the option to play in either one of the DIVISIONS OF PLAY, listed below. Rally scoring is used in all MSCR leagues and all three games of the match play to 25 points. High School rules are used in both the Power and Intermediate levels of play. Before registering, discuss the divisions and expectations with your teammates and select the appropriate division for your level of play. MSCR encourages teams to progress from Intermediate to Power as skill level increases.

Divisions of Play:

POWER: All ball handling rules strictly enforced. Intended for highly skilled players that run an offense. Coed teams must have 3 men and 3 women on the court but they can play any position and use all regular rules. Two officials per match.

INTERMEDIATE: Intended for teams/players who wish to continually improve and develop their skills or for intermediate level teams/players who are aspiring to become excellent players and participate in the power division. Setting action is allowed on the first hit after a serve. Rules are somewhat relaxed on sets if players are exhibiting the proper techniques but the hit does not conform exactly to the rules. Spiking must conform to the rules (i.e. it must be hit, not thrown). No underhand, open handed hits. One official per match.

For further information click one of the seasons under Our Seasons to the upper right or contact MSCR @ 204-3024 or asld@madison.k12.wi.us

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