High School Volleyball Leagues

For information contact Greg Roscoe at 204-3034 or groscoe@madison.k12.wi.us

Coed Volleyball Schedules

See the information below or contact one of the MSCR High School Specialists:

East High School: Mayder Lor, 204-1752

LaFollette High School: Molly Hayes, 204-3625

Memorial High School: Roxanne Rios, 442-2220

Shabazz High School: Mayder Lor, 225-3804

West High School: Laura Glaub, 204-3216

Season: Fall

MSCR offers afterschool extramural sports at all MMSD high schools. Extramural sports practice one night per week and compete on Saturdays. Schedules are sent once registration for that sport has been completed. Extramural practices are dependent on space availability. Teams can be self-organized, or register as an individual player and be placed on a team. All teams are assigned an MSCR coach.