Youth Aquatics


Looking for Swimming Lessons in Madison?

For most parents, having their children learn how to swim is a high priority. For years MSCR has met this need by providing swim lessons and open swims for the public at the Madison Metropolitan School District 5 indoor facilities.

Parent and Child Aquatics

Little Dippers
Ages 6 months - 2 years - Parent participation required. Provides experiences and activities for parents with children in the water, at least 6 months through 2 years to:

  • Learn to ask for permission before entering water
  • Learn how to enter and exit water safely
  • Feel comfortable in water
  • Explore submerging face into water
  • Learn buoyancy on front and back
  • Learn how to play safely

Shrimp Dip
Ages 3-4 Years - Parent participation required. Builds upon the skills learned in Little Dippers and provides experiences for parents and children in the water, ages 3-4 years to:

  • Establish expectation for adult supervision
  • Learn more ways to enter and exit water safely
  • Explore submerging in a rhythmic pattern
  • Front and back glides with assistance
  • Combined front and back stroke with assistance
  • Change body position in water   

Preschool Aquatics - Ages 3-5 

Registration for classes has changed! - Please Read
To provide a more developmentally appropriate swim lesson for your child, MSCR has changed the Pre-School Swim Lesson program. Register for classes based on your child’s age. Swimmers move through steps 1-3 within their age group, based on indiviual skill ability. Instruction and evaluation has not changed. This change provides a more comfortable environment for all swimmers and instruction includes developmentally appropriate skills and communication styles.

Step 1
Familiarizes children to the aquatic environment and helps them acquire rudimentary basic aquatic skills. Helps participants develop positive attitudes and safe practices in and around water.

Step 2
Builds on and improves skills learned. Increases knowledge of water safety topics.

Step 3
Increases proficiency and builds on the basic aquatic skills. Reinforces water safety concepts and skills introduced in earlier levels and introduces additional water safety topics.

Youth Swim Lessons - AGES 5 - 13

A variety of swim aids are utilized in all class levels, to encourage the discovery of independent movement through the water and to assist in building endurance.

Prerequisite: Must be 5 years old. No swimming skills necessary.
Begin developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices in and around the water.

Gives participants success with fundamental skills, including how to float without support and recover to a vertical position.

Builds on previous skills by providing additional guided practice in deeper water.

Helps develop confidence in the strokes learned in previous levels and improves other
aquatic skills.

Teaches how to coordinate and refine strokes.

Works on refining strokes with greater efficiency and effectiveness over longer distances.

For current listings check the MSCR Program Guide.

Swimming Pools 


East High School, 
2222 E Washington Ave - Use Fourth Street entrance, look for door #3


La Follette High School, (Closed Summer 2018 due to construction)
702 Pflaum Rd - Enter door #10 and follow signs to pool


Lapham Elementary School, (Unavailable in Summer)
1045 E Dayton St - Use entrance at Ingersoll & Mifflin
(School Year Only)


Memorial High School,
201 S Gammon Rd - Use Field House entrance on northwest corner of Jefferson/Memorial Parking lot


West High School, 
30 Ash Street - Use Ash Street entrance, lower southeast corner