MSCR Tennis Programs-Summer only


USTA Youth Tennis Lessons

Children develop skills according to the United States Tennis Association “Quick Start Tennis” instructional program. The programs include performance objectives, skill drills and fun games.


Youth Pre-Beginner

Youngsters with little or no experience. Eye-hand control, ball control and basic racquet skills are taught, as well as game development, rules and etiquette. Participants play fun games and increase self-confidence as tennis techniques develop.


Youth Beginner

For new players. Lessons teach basic footwork, grip, forehand and backhand strokes. Good sportsmanship, rules and etiquette also included.


Youth Intermediate

For players who have completed the beginner class or have previous exposure. Emphasis is placed on further development of strokes, service from the baseline, strategy and games.


Middle School Beginner

For new players or players briefly exposed to the game through instruction at school. Class covers the same skills as our other beginner level, but moves at a faster pace for the older student.


Middle School Intermediate

For players who have a basic foundation of the game. Emphasis is on skill refinement and strategy through drills and match play. Players practice volleying techniques, review game strategy and play at the net.


Middle School Advanced Intermediate

Skill development for players who are already comfortable with the basic shots of tennis, and who can play matches. Perfect for students from the Madison Middle School Tennis Leagues.


Youth Friday Team Tennis

Teams are organized at the locations listed below. MSCR provides a coach for each team. If enough participants register, more than one team per location will be formed. A weekly team practice is scheduled based on the participant’s schedules and availability. Teams become part of an MSCR league schedule in partnership with USTA, with both home and away matches. Participants must provide transportation to matches, MSCR staff will try to help coordinate car-pooling.

Youth Tennis Court Locations


Call 204-3026 or e-mail us at for more information.