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The Madison Metropolitan School District and MSCR have grants from Dane County Human Services and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, to run Youth Resource Centers at twelve MMSD Middle Schools. A variety of afterschool, evening and weekend recreation activities, educational opportunities and service opportunities are offered for students and families. For more information contact MSCR or the Youth Resource Center Director at each school which is listed below.


A variety of special interest clubs are available at all MMSD middle schools. Please contact the Youth Resource Center Director or MSCR Recreation Counselor at your school. Clubs may include horseback riding, drama, music, bowling, chess, dance, skiing, canoeing and more. Clubs are based on student interest at each school. Fees may be charged for some clubs. Register at school site.



Selected afterschool team sports are available at all MMSD middle schools. Please contact the Youth Resource Center Director or MSCR Recreation Counselor at your school. Sports typically offered are cross country, volleyball, flag football, basketball, wrestling, tennis, soccer, ultimate frisbee and softball. Competition is with other MMSD middle schools. Due to facility and staff limitations, some of the team sports which involve competing with other MMSD middle schools, are offered for 7th and 8th grade students only. Intramural sports activities are organized within each school for 6th grade students. Register at school site.



Each middle school has either a Recreation Counselor or a Youth Resource Center Director to coordinate afterschool activities for students. Check the MSCR booth at middle school registration in August for a complete listing or check with the following individual at your school to learn more about club and sport opportunities.

Badger Rock: Jaime Anderson, 622-8730 or E-Mail Jaime 
Black Hawk: Viola Miller, 204-4429 or E-mail Viola
Cherokee: Reginald Lee, 204-1266 or E-mail Reginald 
Hamilton: Kris Anderson, 204-4739 or E-mail Kris
Jefferson: Jake Wilson, 663-7518 or E-mail Jake
O’Keeffe: Kara Schnier, 204-6854 or E-mail Kara 
Sennett: Will Mayo, 204-4029 or Email Will
Sherman: Alex Appleton, 204-2121 or E-mail Alex
Spring Harbor: Kris Anderson, 204-1118 or E-mail Kris
Toki: Monique Porter, 204-4763 or E-mail Monique
Whitehorse: Colleen Hayes, 662-8730, E-mail Colleen
Wright: Jaime Anderson, 204-1369 or E-Mail Jaime

For current listings check the MSCR Program Guide.

Interested in "Inspiring By Example"?

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering in our afterschool programs with middle school youth! Contact Michelle Graves at 204-4585 or mmoe@madison.k12.wi.us or go to Volunteering at MSCR.