5734 Raymond Road (at the intersection of Whitney Way and Raymond Road)
Madison, WI 53711

Main Center Phone: (608) 467-8360
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Center Director: Joe Schlesing

Winter 2014 Program Brochure

What is the Meadowood Neighborhood Center?

MSCR has opened a pilot neighborhood center in collaboration with the City of Madison on Madison's southwest side, in the Meadowood Shopping Center. The purpose of the Meadowood Neighborhood Center is to provide a safe, supervised place for youth during after school and evening hours, a place for neighbors to meet and socialize, a place for senior adult programs, a much needed space for neighborhood and other group meetings and space for MSCR programs such as art, fitness, yoga, after school programs, dance, etc.

Would you like to become a Meadowood Volunteer? We invite neighbors, students and any other interested party to apply to become a Meadowood Volunteer. Just print off and complete the MSCR Volunteer Application (click here)and return to the Center.

The Center is moving to a bigger location - click here for more information!

What's Happening at Meadowood Neighborhood Center?

Emily Kalnicky, has been a youth program volunteer at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center (MNC), but she also spends time volunteering in Camarones, Ecuador, and is now leading an educational project at MNC about the country. Camarones is one of Madison’s sister cities.

Kalnicky, who just completed a PHD in ecology,  called on this experience as she taught youth in the MNC after school program about Ecuadorian culture and building long distance relationships with youth who live in the Camarones.. Meadowood neighborhood youth are gaining an appreciation of what is it like for those who live in an impoverished country.

The youth at MSCR Meadowood program put together a care package for their new friends in Camarones, Ecuador. The package was packed with art supplies, cards, a football, homemade bracelets made from balloons and you guessed it MSCR shirts! Here's what Emily says in a recent email:

"We finally took a photo with some of the kids and MSCR shirts on Thursday! MSCR is awesome, as are the shirts, and the kids are extremely appreciative!! As you can see, the kids are pretty small, so most of the shirts are quite big, but still are awesome!"

Emily is also involved in efforts to build the first ever community center in Camarones. To learn more about this project go to http://www.camaronescommunitycoalition.org