Inclusion Services

Inclusion Services 

The mission of Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) Inclusion Services is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in the Madison Metropolitan School District, and for the community, by providing recreation and enrichment opportunities year-round that are accessible to all. MSCR is committed to an inclusive approach to recreation and will provide reasonable accommodations to enhance program participation without fundamentally altering a program.

What are Inclusion Services?

Inclusion means individuals with and without disabilities participate together in the same way, in the same place, and enjoy the same benefits.

Is inclusion the right choice and experience for me and/or my child?

To ensure success, we encourage you to ask and discuss these questions:

  • Do I and/or my child have an interest in the program, the activities being offered, and the location and environment where the program is offered?

  • Will my child be comfortable and function appropriately, with or without accommodations, in an inclusive environment?

  • Do my / my child’s current activities or goals prepare me/them for this inclusive recreation experience?

If inclusion is not the right choice for you or your child, please consider one of our Adapted Recreation Programs

What are the eligibility requirements?

Inclusion services are free and available upon request.  Requirements for inclusion in a program or activity are the same as those for a person without a disability.

  • Meets age requirement

  • Is registered

  • Adheres to behavior expectations, with or without reasonable accommodations

  • Voluntarily participates in registered activity, with or without reasonable accommodations

  • Meets any other essential eligibility requirements for a specific activity

What are examples of reasonable accommodations?

An accommodation is reasonable when it does not fundamentally change the nature of the program or activity.  Reasonable accommodations include, but are not limited to the following:

  • An enhanced staff to participant ratio

  • Access to low-sensory environments

  • Behavior support plans

  • Sign language interpreters

  • Adaptive equipment

  • Alternate or accessible transportation, when transportation is provided for all participants

  • Removal of architectural barriers

  • Additional staff training

What are the limitations of inclusion services?

MSCR provides reasonable accommodations for inclusion.  Some accommodations, due to the activity or the environment in which the activity is conducted, may not be reasonable and thus there is no guarantee they will be provided. For example, these accommodations are not guaranteed:

  • Individualized therapy or programming

  • Provision and/or purchasing personal, custom devices or equipment

  • Hiring or placement of a specific person as support staff

  • Services of a personal nature such as toileting , feeding and dressing

Recreation Inclusion Staff are not provided for non-structured/non-registered programs i.e. open gym, open swim, drop-in program, or parent/child or family activities, though other reasonable accommodations will be discussed.

Who does MSCR hire?

MSCR hires Recreation Inclusion Staff to enhance staff to participant ratios.  MSCR makes every effort to hire diverse staff that have experience and have an interest in working with people with disabilities.  View job openings

How can you access services?

  1. When you register, mark "YES" in the Require Accommodations section of the registration form or check the box when registering online

  2. Complete the Online Participant Profile Form or print this form and return to MSCR by mail or drop off at our office. Our address is MSCR, 3802 Regent St., Madison, WI, 53705.

  3. Upon receipt of the necessary documents, MSCR's Inclusion Services Staff will review your request and work with you to establish an individualized inclusion plan.

We request at least 2 weeks to plan and secure reasonable accommodations. In some cases reasonable accommodations may take longer.  All attempts will be made to accommodate the needs of all participants.  However, due to staffing constraints and/or capacity limits of the requested activity, registrations or accommodations may be limited.  If so, other options (days, times, locations) may be discussed.   

By requesting inclusion services, I understand that:

  • Inclusion services is not designed for therapeutic or 1:1 care

  • It is my responsibility to provide MSCR with the most current information to assist in providing accommodations to meet my or my child’s needs

  • My or my child’s inclusion plan may assist in meeting activity rules/expectations, but does not exempt them from following them

  • If my or my child’s behavior presents clear or imminent risk to myself or others, and reasonable accommodations do not eliminate that risk, MSCR may unenroll me or my child from the activity.

For more information about services available to people with disabilities please call the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for your program or attendance area listed below. View current program guide.

Contact numbers:

Eastside programs (East, Lafollette, Shabazz High School Attendance Areas): Call Cheryl Dietrich at 442-2970 or e-mail:

Westside programs (West, Memorial and Affiliated Alternative Attendance Areas, Swimming lessons and Enrichment Classes): Call Kate Dvorak at 204-3043 or e-mail:

Administrator:  Janet Dyer, 245-3667, e-mail:

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