Fall 2015 Registration begins August 10 for Residents and August 24 for Non-Residents.  Summer registration continues until the program occurs.

Madison School & Community Recreation is happy to invite you to use our online registration system-EZ-REG! We offer online registration for many of our MSCR programs-24/7 access for your busy schedule. EZ-REG is a convenient and reliable way to browse through and register for MSCR programs from the comfort of your home. You can view courses, see if a course you are interested in has openings, as well as location and time information. You have a personal account on EZ-REG where you can view past and current account information. Your transactions, account and payment information are safe on the EZ-REG secured site. Even if the program you want to register for does not offer online registration, you can still use the browse and account information tabs.

Basic instructions for using EZ-REG are listed below. If you have additional questions, please read through our “Frequently Asked Questions” section. As always if you still have questions feel free to call us at 204-3000.

Please Note! If you are planning on using the EZ-REG Online Registration System, please make sure your account information is updated and you have your Family PIN and Client Barcodes well before registration begins, to avoid delays in registering. Go to EZ-REG and click on My Account to check your status. You may not register online after class/program has started. If this is the case, call us at (608) 204-3000.

Getting Started

Click here to enter EZ-REG Online Registration System

You do not need anything to browse the programs offered. You need to have a Family PIN (Personal Identification Number) and a Client Barcode (a number assigned to each person on your account) if you want to register for any of the programs listed.

If anyone in your household has ever registered for an MSCR program you already have an account on EZ-REG. Please click Forgot My Password to check and see if you have an account already before setting up a new one.

If you do not have an account with us yet, please click the My Account tab and then click on Create a New Account. Please be sure to add the names and information for ALL members of your household. Each person will receive their own barcode #.

After submitting your information, your Client Barcode and Family PIN will be e-mailed to your stated e-mail address during regular business hours, 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. If you submit your information outside of our regular business hours, information will be e-mailed on the next business day. If you try these steps and are still not able to use the system, please contact the MSCR Office by phone at (608) 204-3000. Please note! Try to make any changes to your account or set up a new account well in advance of the beginning of registration periods to avoid delays in registering.

All registrations done online must be paid for with VISA or Mastercard. You will not be able to complete an online transaction without a valid VISA or Mastercard credit card.

You may NOT register online with EZ-REG if the program/class has already started. If this is the case, call us at (608) 204-3000.

  • Activities: Browse through the programs offered.

  • My Basket: View the items you have chosen to register for.

  • My Account: View your personal account information.Help Desk: Answers to many of the frequently asked questions and other information.

Read the information on the EZ-REG web page. Here are the options of what you can do on the site:


Choose a course in the current program guide or by browsing the activities on EZ-REG.

Type the course number in the COURSE NUMBER box or search for a course using KEYWORD or BROWSE for a COURSE using the links on the left.

To enroll, scroll down and click the ADD button to put the course in your basket (the first time you do this, you will be asked to enter your Client

Barcode and Family PIN#). Be sure to enter the Client Barcode of the adult whose credit card will be charged so your receipt reads correctly. Select the family member you wish to register from the pull down SELECT-A-CLIENT menu.

Use the ACTIVITIES tab to search for additional classes or click on GO TO CHECKOUT.

Review the charges and enter payment information as required; then click the COMPLETE TRANSACTION button. For your confirmation, please print the REGISTRATION WAS SUCCESSFUL page.

You must pay for courses selected during the transaction in order for your registration to be complete.

Please note! Participants can not register online for any programs that have already started. Call MSCR Office at (608) 204-3000 for registration information if class has already begun.

Full refunds are made if MSCR cancels programs. Refunds (minus a $5 service charge per transaction) are only given up to one week prior to the start of a class/program. Letters of credit, which may be used within one year of issue, are available in lieu of refunds. No refunds or credits are given with less than one weeks notice.

Need Help?  Visit our FAQs page or call the MSCR Office at (608) 204-3000.